Let's ZReO.in

We're ZReO waste initiative company. We Work, in collaboration,

:to create awareness to arouse conscience among everyone we touch base with to remember, reduce, reconsider, and reuse, recycle, return to Nature, and last but not the least, make everyone around aware

to enable our prime objective Segregate @ Source to achieve a ZReO Waste premises - be it our Homes Offices, Schools, Hubs, Communities!

: to transform existing garbage dump sites into environment friendly zone! Identify one and Let's pledge to transform One together!


Awareness Events:

  1. Forest Walks:

  2. School Workshops: 

  3. Workshops in Residential societies:​​

Segregate @ Source:

  1. Wet Dry Segregation

  2. MLP Segregation

    (with Safai Bank of India)


  1. Looking for Corporate / Groups for partnership

Please Share your ideas, join us, support us, call us, inform us, chase us, refer us, collaborate with us, donate, engage us, walk with us, work with us!


"Waste will no more be Waste, as long as we give it it's rightful place."


With this striving, we, at ZReO.in, begin our journey to undertake intentional and conscious task for ourselves and for all of us being humans and give us this task to:

'Re'member Always to:
Let's #Car'Re' our own bags
'Re'turn back to Nature (wet waste)
Seg'Re'gate your waste (wet, dry, and others)
'Re'duce consciously (buying in options)
'Re'fuse politely (single use and throw)
'Re'consider your Choices because #mychoicematters
'Re'cycle 'Re'use whatever possible



T: +91 9999-30-1234

E: lets@zreo.in

Instagram @zreo.in


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